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Dedicated to Giving Government
Back “To The People”

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  • That YOUR VOTE is sacred, and that YOUR VOTE will not be canceled by an invalid vote.
  • That no person’s rights under the constitution are any more important or valuable than another’s rights.
  • That we insist that our elected officials always do the right thing for their constituency, not just when there is no other option left.
  • That Live and let Live could and should be our way forward.


  • That the 535 members of Congress serve US, you, and me, and that they will be held accountable and will serve the constituency for whom they represent, or we will not vote for them.
  • Removing the dinosaurs from our government is critical for our civil survival and greater governmental representation and effectiveness.
  • Demand that each person who wishes to run for elected office must SIGN and Honor the Earning My Vote Pledge.

Please Read the “Earning My Vote” Pledge Below

If you have not, please invest the time to be part of this movement. This Pledge is directed toward the candidates that want to hold elected office and represent US. Below is what they need to publicly  Sign and Honor to be the “Earning My Vote” candidate.

It is time for the American voting citizen to take back our government.

Candidates Pledge to “Earning My Vote”

1. I Pledge that I will always conduct myself by my words and my actions to fully enforce the Constitution of these United States as it is written and enforced in the current time while doing the Business of the Country.

We elect someone based in part on the fact that they will, when sworn in, uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, not his or her version. As a private citizen one may challenge and have a different belief of the U.S. Constitution, but when elected under one presumption and then after they are sworn in, they espouse a different belief, they are no longer that “Earning My Vote” candidate, but rather they are NOW that elected official that stole your vote to get elected. Someone’s right to vote for a person is based on many issues and beliefs, whatever they are. When you give your vote to someone, who, after being elected displays and practices different views than they campaigned with, that is wrong, and they need to be removed by the people.

2. I Pledge to work with my State to develop a secured and verifiable voting registration system.

Our Vote, if it is truly to be considered sacred then it needs to be protected at all costs. The right to vote is reserved for the Citizens of the United States and them alone. It is our elected officials’ sworn duty to protect us. They need to start by protecting the most important right we all have, our Vote. There are many ways to develop a secure voting system, our elected officials just don’t have the fortitude. Much of the wasteful spending in Congress could be diverted to the States to develop secure and verifiable voting methods and systems. We have so much technology, there is a way. Let’s make them find it or get out of the way.

3. I Pledge that I, whether as a candidate for the House or the Senate, I will only take campaign contributions of any kind, from my district “Voter” constituents.

Candidates running for office should not be taking money from anyone who is not his or her district voter constituent. Taking money from corporations and special interests’ groups or any person who cannot vote for them is wrong. Entities, corporations, and special interest groups cannot vote, only a citizen can vote. Why then, do we tolerate that money being poured into campaigns from them? The amount of money these candidates take from outside sources is staggering and should leave us all wondering why! Who are they actually wanting to represent? (contributions to representatives) The “Earning My Vote” pledge would ensure that the priorities of candidates are FOR THE PEOPLE of the district they so loudly tell us they want to represent. When we remove this money, we will remove the power and the influence those entities have over our politicians. This is how candidates can become and maintain that “Earning My Vote” candidate.

4. I Pledge to introduce legislation and to vote in favor to reform the Campaign Finance Laws to make my Pledge #3, the “Law of the Land” in all 50 states.

The “Earning My Vote” organization believes any representatives taking of campaign contributions from persons, corporations or groups that are not able to vote in their legislative district is tantamount to them accepting payment for a favored outcome on future legislation. The “Earning My Vote” organization also believes that candidates and current legislatures must reject those contributions and only accept contributions from their “Voter” constituents. Any donations or campaign contributions of any type received from outside that representation district are not in the best interests of our Constitutional Republic, Democracy and the Voting Public at large.

5. I Pledge that any legislation introduced will be a Single Subject/Action Legislative bill.

Single subject/action legislation will get rid of the proverbial “pork” and “special interests” influences that so often make these legislative bills more costly and difficult for the average citizen to understand and benefit from. We must have Single Subject/Action legislative bills, with up or down votes. We, the American people have the right to be able to read, interpret and understand the laws we are being asked to accept and abide by without the need for an attorney to explain it to us. “Earning My Vote” members should feel an accomplishment that this pledge alone would  save our country untold billions of wasteful dollars spent.

6. I Pledge to introduce and vote in favor of legislation that requires that each legislative bill passed by Congress will include ALL the members names of both Houses to show how each has voted.

Knowing how your representative specifically votes on every issue is important in your deciding if he or she will continue that important status of the “Earning My Vote” candidate. Including the vote roll within the legislation and not in a separate recorded document that we never see is TRANSPARENCY, and it is the right thing to do.

7. I Pledge to introduce and vote in favor of a “Term Limits Bill” and accepting that members serving in Congress can serve no more than three consecutive, two-year terms, and members serving in the Senate can serve no more than one consecutive, six-year term.

Term limits are fundamental in order to rid the establishment that is currently in place and to be sure it never returns. In doing so we will return the Congress back to the People. In both the House and Senate as it relates to Term Limits, a voter friendly recall mechanism should be included to replace any member of Congress who is failing their constituency. They should not have the right to stay employed by the American People if they are not performing. This will hold those who genuinely want to serve, to be responsible and allow them to concentrate on doing the Business of the Country. Their excellent work for the American People is their resume for re-election and their thanks from the “Earning My Vote” movement. Doing the good Business of the People should be the only way they can continue to be the “Earning My Vote” candidate.

8. I Pledge to introduce and vote in favor of a “Congressional Compensation Oversight Bill” that will allow for a registered voter approved committee to review and report to the public on all compensations, benefit packages, exemptions, and special exceptions of any kind for all members of Congress with full authority to alter.

The American people are the employers of the government, not the Congress. Employees cannot give themselves raises, or give themselves Cadillac benefit packages, or receive special treatment while employed. Why should Congress be able to decide their compensation without any public oversight and input? A committee should be formed that reports to the People. A rise in pay or another form of compensation is based on a job well done and We The People are the deciders. There should be no special provisions that exempt Congress from any laws or rules that normal citizens are required to live by. What is good for the common citizen is to be good enough for the representatives themselves. They are here to represent and serve and they themselves decided they had more to offer US and the Country. Let us be certain they are not making that claim for the money or the power. A voter-backed committee must have powers to review, change and alter all salaries, benefits, and exemptions of any kind.

9. I Pledge to speak only the truth and respect my fellow members while conducting the Business of the Country during my term of service.

Truth and respect are powerful words, and they are often avoided by our politicians. How many times have you listened to a representative deflect a hard question with another question or give a non-answer answer to the question. The way they communicate is an artform, and they employ professionals to teach them the art of deflection. With Term Limits in place, their service to the people and country would take on a new meaning and a new sense of cooperation for those they serve. When “Earning My Vote” members ask questions, we want and deserve straight forward answers. A “YES or NO” question deserves a straightforward response, nothing less. This is the honesty that we are so often lacking and why we all have become suspicious of our political leaders. They are so concerned with the next election they are afraid if they answer wrong, they may not get re-elected. Up till now, they are right, but Term Limits will remove that constraint and put honesty and transparency front and center for the American Voter.

10. I Pledge to never use, defend, or condone race or racism as an attack on anyone while serving as a member of either House.

What has divided our country more in the lifetime of most living Americans? I am sorry to report, it is Racism. It has no place anywhere in our society and as such no place in our Constitutional Republic and our Democratic way of life. It has been the attack that many have used when the merit of an argument is not enough or when the point of view is not shared or when it is perceived as one-sided. Racism is a divider of our people, and the use of the word alone must be rejected at every level of human conversation and interaction. Racism as an argument, an accusation, a point of view, past or present should be dismissed. Those who continue to inure themselves to its continued use are harmful to the good of a cause. Those that continue to use racism to try to achieve, will most certainly do the greatest harm to this great Country. . “Earning My Vote” rejects this type of rhetoric and we as Americans should not and will not tolerate it from our elected officials.

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How Do Candidates Become Worthy of the
Earning My Vote Movement?

Simple! Sign The Pledge

We each insist that any person seeking to “Serve the People” publicly Sign and Honor the “Earning My Vote Pledge” for that right to “Earn Our Vote”. It is a simple pledge and one that will put our governmental system back on the path of “By the People” and “For the People”.


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